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Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

gooftiotravmedlo.ga/the-gatekeeper-mills-boon-nocturne-the.php Cancer: here are your general predictions for the day October Cancer: Your daily horoscope - October Astrofame. Cancer Sagittarius. Nov Dec Noticiero astrológico: hoy martes 13 la Luna, que es tu regente, está entrando en el signo de Acuario. Los planetas Venus, en Libra, Urano.

October 5: Your mentor planet Venus is powerfully placed in your sign. October 4: Calm, logical discussions get better results with loud voices. How do I find my zodiac sign, what does it mean and how does the zodiac work? October 1: Letting someone say sorry could be so right for your love life. September Love works best when you keep it simple and be your real self. September A missed opportunity is back for you to take a second chance.

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September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected. September If you are single, a Leo could have fun and passion to share. September Your vivid imagination is a gift and you can inspire anyone. September In passion you are adventurous and a new partner will match you.

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September Jupiter luck focuses on a talent you share with friends. September You are adventurous in ways that surprise yourself — and a partner. September Now you know who you can trust — and this is the moment to act.

CANCER Horóscopo Semanal del 26 Noviembre al 2 Diciembre 2018

September The closest bonds in your life deserve to be celebrated. September Family loyalty feels faded but underneath a bond is strong as ever. September You begin to feel a new strength and stability in your self-esteem. Friday to Sunday is good for studying and catching up on your paperwork and bills.

Sustained mental work will not seem so boring as usual.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Good concentration and attention to detail mean you will not make mistakes. You will get things done neatly and on time.

Venus en Escorpión—Evaluando nuestros deseos más profundos

It's all an act, obviously a very good one, but an act just the same. Of course, things will shift and it won't matter, if you all get along. Let it flow subtly and beautifully by meditating on the movement and quality of water itself -- that free-flowing thing that meanders wherever it can. Ruled by the Moon, they make great parents, and can be selfless when it comes to making sacrifices for their families. It's just that passive control can be so much easier. Yet, even when you're not aiming for maximum impact, you remain a tour-de-force.

Although you may not be feeling particularly sociable, this is a good time for making important decisions and for serious discussions. Monthly Cancer Horoscope Cancer Horoscope. Monday to Friday sees an increase in mental activity and communications. Focused and acute thinking makes this a good time for mental work such as studies, investigations and solving puzzles.

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Your piercing intellect can also be put to good use in arguing your case and defending others against harassment or provocation. You should not back down from a fight but should choose your battles carefully.

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Saturday and Sunday your dreaming and imagination will be more vivid and creative. This is a good weekend for meditation and other spiritual activities because you will enjoy a level of spiritual protection. A mystic allure and sultry attractiveness will have a favorable impact on your relationships.

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You can connect at a deeper level with your loved ones this weekend, especially family members, partners and women in general. The Page of Wands often means a literal person in your life. In this case, it can indicate a female who is younger than you.