January 28 weekly horoscope

Astrology Hub’s Horoscope for the Week January 28th – February 3rd

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Just be mindful of buying into something that seems too good to be true. If you are thinking of expanding a business or chasing a bucket list, is your year in so many ways. You might find it difficult to get past a demanding boss or authoritarian associate. This is a lucky week. You fit in wherever you go. X Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. Your strength resides within.

The arrival of Mercury in Aquarius encourages you to think outside of the box, and has you feeling imaginative. Connect to your root chakra to find stability. Practice meditation to attain nirvana and peace of mind.

Your aura is magnetic, thanks to Mars, your planet, being in your sign — use and abuse it. Take the bull by the horns, stand out from the crowd, and give yourself the opportunity to succeed while changing paths, to be innovative and original — this is what will animate you this week. You are afraid to think outside of the box, but the stars are there to support your risk-taking mood. Your judgments are sometimes hasty, but often fair. Believe in yourself - you are worth it. Mercury brings you nonchalance and lightness.

You are less afraid to take risks but do not fall into the trap of thinking that all is well. The week revolves around your ability to bounce back.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

When will you go back to really living? If you are constantly in need of security and scared of change, how can you move forward without fear? Believe in your lucky stars, follow the movement and stay on course.

Your incredible powers of persuasion are growing. You fit in wherever you go. Mars builds your self-confidence and Mercury helps you develop ideas and build projects. In your personal life, encounters and casual meetings are multiplying.

Your little heart is beating faster. You like things to be done well, it's undeniable. The eclipse may cause some turbulence, either personally or professionally. An opportunity may come your way, or one may end. Go with the flow. Even if something ends up not working out, trust that there will be a Plan B that presents itself soon. Not fun, but essential. The lunar eclipse focuses on love, and you may find that love is either beginning, ending, or changing.

Things can work out, but things also may have to be set into motion, and you may have to be the one to do so. Be brave, Leo! You can sometimes be overly practical, pushing aside feelings in favor of action. You also may be caught up by past thoughts, emotions, or hurts. The key this week is to let emotions unfold. Again, focus on the future, and try not to get too caught up in the alliances, jockeying, and drama of the here and now. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope The eclipse in your sector of travel and far horizons may cause drama when it comes to travel plans.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 28th January to 3rd February

A last minute adventure may fall in your lap, or you may feel like things for a set trip are now falling apart. Consider this a lesson in going with the flow. Tonight: Relax, make it easy. You express an innate moodiness.

Aries Weekly Horoscopes from 21st January - 28th January

Someone who doesn't know you well could assume that this moodiness is directed at him or her. Try to clear the air. Express your dynamic creativity and imagination instead. You will draw others in, and they will understand your changeability. Tonight: Act as if there's no tomorrow! Consider slowing down and thinking through your options.

Your spontaneity usually points you in the right direction, but at the present moment you might not home in on what is ultimately best.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 28

You might be reviving your sense of what is appropriate as well as what is basic in a particular situation. Tonight: Get a good night's sleep. You are frisky and full of energy. Be as precise as possible when making a decision. You harness your energy and focus it despite a loved one or key associate causing uproar.

ARIES: Princess of Cups

You will focus on this person's issue soon enough, to his or her delight. Tonight: Let go with a child or a childlike person. Settle in and understand what's happening with another person. If possible, verify that no one is stabbing you in the back or acting one way while doing something else.

The issue could involve money and security. Take special care if you're buying a home or making any other major purchase. Tonight: Back to basics. Head home early. You feel sure of yourself, but a happening could be delayed, or a misunderstanding could become an issue. Verify the time and place of a get-together.

You might opt to change your schedule in order to have more time for a specific talk, project or yourself. You will be able to maximize your energy as a result. Tonight: Be receptive to a suggestion. You might want to put off an important decision that simply doesn't feel right. You could get more comments than you like, but do listen.